Here are some of my published journal articles grouped by theme.
A full list of publications can be found in my CV.


  • “Cooperate or Compete? Insights from Simulating a Global Oil Market with No Residual Supplier” (with B. Rioux, A. Al Jarboua, A. Pierru, S. Al Rashed, C. Ward). The Energy Journal. Forthcoming. 43, pp. 239-261, 2022.

  • “The opportunity cost of domestic oil consumption for an oil exporter: Illustration for Saudi Arabia” (with A. Pierru). Energy Economics 96, 105161, 2021.

  • “The role of oil in the allocation of foreign aid: The case of the G7 donors” (with C. Couharde, E.G. Kilama, and L.D. Omgba). Journal of Comparative Economics 48, pp. 363-383, 2020.

  • “Reconsidering the scarcity factor in the dynamics of oil markets: An empirical investigation of the (mis)measurement of oil reserves” (with L.D. Omgba). Energy 137, pp. 209-218, 2017.

Renewables and electricity

  • “The Role of Continuous Intraday Electricity Markets: The Integration of Large-Share Wind Power Generation in Denmark” (with Y. Li). The Energy Journal 38, pp.107-130, 2017.

  • “Electricity consumption and economic growth: exploring panel-specific differences” (with Y. Li). Energy Policy 82, pp. 264-277, 2015.

  • “A time series-based approach for renewable energy modeling” (with F.O. Hocaoglu). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 28, pp. 204-214, 2013.

Energy use and technical change

  • “Is technological change biased toward energy? A multi-sectoral analysis for the French economy” (with Y.Y. Tamsamani). Energy Policy 38, pp. 1842-1850, 2010.

  • “How many times again will we examine the energy-income nexus using a limited range of traditional econometric tools?” Energy Policy 37, pp. 1191-1194, 2009.

  • “Sectoral energy consumption by source and economic growth in Turkey” (with T. Jobert). Energy Policy 35, pp. 5447-5456, 2007.


  • “Degree of stringency matters: Revisiting the pollution haven hypothesis based on heterogeneous panels and aggregate data” (with T. Jobert and A. Tykhonenko). Macroeconomic Dynamics 23, pp. 2675-2697, 2019.

  • “Do the IMF’s structural adjustment programs help reduce energy consumption and carbon intensity? Evidence from developing countries” (with L.D. Omgba). Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 49, pp. 312-323, 2019.

  • “Estimating country-specific environmental Kuznets curves from panel data: a Bayesian shrinkage approach” (with T. Jobert and A. Tykhonenko). Applied Economics 46, pp. 1449-1464, 2014.

  • “Formation and Deformation of the Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2 Emissions” (with T. Jobert). Innovations 37, pp. 11-26, 2012.

  • “On the structure and form of the GDP-nuclear nexus: New perspectives and new findings” (with T. Jobert and A. Tykhonenko). Energy Policy 62, pp. 1553-1561, 2013.

  • “Environmental regulation in the presence of unrecorded economy” International Economics 126, pp. 59-76, 2011.

  • “Examining the link between carbon dioxide emissions and the share of industry in GDP: modeling and testing for the G-7 countries” (with F.O. Hocaoglu). Energy Policy 39, pp. 3612-3620, 2011.

  • “Convergence of per capita carbon dioxide emissions in the EU: Legend or reality?” (with T. Jobert and A. Tykhonenko). Energy Economics 32, pp. 1364-1373, 2010.

Unrecorded economy

  • “Energy consumption and economic growth revisited: Does the size of unrecorded economy matter?” Energy Policy 36, pp. 3019-3025, 2008.

  • “Estimation of real GDP and unrecorded economy in Turkey based on environmental data” (with A. Ozkaya). Energy Policy 35, pp. 4902-4908, 2007.

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